By: Fernando Cruz


Do NOT Go To A Salsa Dance Class Or Buy A Salsa Dance Training Video Until You Have Read This Report:


7 Mistakes Most Salsa Instructors Are Making Right Now That Will Make Your Learning So Difficult, It Actually Helps THEM Instead Of You!  

And What You Can Do About It...


- Fernando Cruz

From: Fernando Cruz

Subject: 7 Mistakes Made By Most Salsa Instructors


Dear Friend,

It's not that there's some type of conspiracy with most instructors, it's just that THEY don't even know about it, but after reading this, you will...

Before I get into that, let me explain a few things:

I don't know what led you here, but I'm willing to bet that at some point you were exposed to salsa music, and now, you just can't have enough of it. So much so, that now you want to learn how to dance.

If you've already been dancing for a while, then this report will most likely not help you because chances are you've already encountered these mistakes. This has really been designed for the beginner student (0-6 months).


Ok, let's get on with it:

Did you know that there are 293 ways to make change for a dollar?

And that's nothing compared to the many different styles of salsa dance.

And that brings me to...



Not understanding the dynamics of salsa dancing

Here's the deal. Most instructors can only teach you what is common in a particular region. And, for the most part, that's ok. But the thing is this.  Your salsa dancing will be at a more advanced level, you will have more dance partners, and you will be at the center of all the attention, if  you understand that it is by FAR more important to know how to go with the flow then it is to be rigidly stuck in only one way of dancing.

Now it's not that most instructors don't WANT to teach you that, it's just that it's hard to do it in a class. There's just too many other people for the instructor to concentrate on only you. And that's just for starters.

You see, even if your instructor could do it, many don't know HOW to do it. It's not easy to go from one style to the other...unless you learn from someone that is able to teach you how... If you ask an instructor how you can apply what you learn to other styles, and they don't have an answer for you...




Not giving specific and direct instruction on how to lead and how to follow

I know what you're thinking...  How could this be? This seems so obvious that there's no way this could be happening. Well, I thought the same thing, until I saw it with my own 2 eyes!  

Listen here. Salsa dancing is partner dancing. So in any partner dance, there has to be a leader and a follower. The problem is that most instructors really don't get into the little details of how to lead and how to follow.  Yeah they'll teach you steps and where to be and where to go, but that's just superficial. They hardly ever give it to you straight.



Not giving enough information on "Timing" and why it's so important

Do you know what "Timing" is when it comes to social dancing?  Have you ever heard the statement "He is dancing to a different drummer?"  Timing is basically dancing TO THE BEAT!  Do you think this is important?  You bet it is!!  Nothing will make you look better, out-shine, out-dance, and flat-out win the hearts, respect and admiration of the people around you. NOTHING.

The problem is, most instructors don't talk about it. And if they do, they don't teach it!



Thinking that you are in class, or watching their video because of how "great and wonderful" they are!

Correct me if I'm wrong.  When you pay for something, you do want to get something in return, right?  See, one thing that I notice is this: a lot of instructors think they are such "good dancers" that the mere fact you are in the same room with them makes you a better dancer. And of course, what happens is you get a level of training that's way less than what you deserve.

Should this be the way things are?  No!   You are in class, or watching that video TO LEARN!!  Not to be wowed or amazed or entertained or to admire the instructor. You are there to learn. Plain and simple. If you wanted to be entertained, you would go to the movies, or to a show! The problem is, many instructors just don't get it.



Giving better treatment to "private pay" students

This one really gets to me. Please make sure you understand what I'm about to say:

"It does NOT matter if you are taking private lessons or not. You still deserve and should expect to receive the same top-notch, high-quality instruction your hard-earned dollars are supposed to be buying you."

Listen, this is a no-brainer. If you were at the supermarket, or at any other establishment, and you noticed that other clients were getting better service than you, for no apparent reason, wouldn't you be upset? I'd be down-right pissed off!!

You would probably not put up with it, so... why expect anything less from your instructor?



Teaching the mechanics, but not showing you real-world application

There's no doubt about it. There's theory, and then there's the real world. And something that most instructors haven't figured out yet is that you will not always be inside the class, or in your home. You will have to go out and dance at some point! With real people, in a real party or club.  And I can guarantee you one thing:

Unless your instructor has prepared you, chances are you will not know what's about to hit you!



Thinking that ANYONE can dance

I know this one is going to get some people mad...but I don't care!

Listen, I personally feel that anyone can learn, but, ...only if THEY REALLY WANT TO.  And this is the biggest mistake an instructor can make. Thinking that everyone in the class is going to want to learn.  You may be saying: "But Fernando, if they're paying for the class, or if they're paying for the videos, that must mean they want to."

Bull...  Be honest, how many times have you started to do something that you really wanted to do, only to leave it halfway. I don't know, maybe it was a new hobby, or quit smoking, or drinking, or whatever.  The point is, you THOUGHT you wanted to, but at that time you REALLY did not want to.   Otherwise, you would have done it!

But how does this affect you?  Simple.

Unless your instructor is good at this, he/she will be wasting time on tire-kickers, and wannabe's...time he/she could be spending with you!  As soon as there is a negative force in that classroom, the instructor should immediately refund the person's money and get them outta there!  But the truth is, most instructors would NEVER give a refund to anyone, much less ask them to leave.  Think about it, if they do, that's money they are losing out on.


And Finally...

You think I'm lying, don't you?  Listen, you can go and see it for yourself, this is not just made up.  But, I will tell you this.

It's not that the instructors are bad, or that they may have bad intentions...far from it. In fact, most of the instructors that I have met are actually very nice, awesome people, and good dancers too.

The thing is, just because someone is a good dancer, or a good person, does not mean they are a GOOD INSTRUCTOR. Make sure you understand that.

There are thousands of great dancers out there, and many more that are truly good people, but the bottom line is that unless that person can teach, you will not be getting true value.  It's not that teaching is extremely difficult, but it does require someone that can take certain concepts and translate them in a way that you can understand...that takes practice and a very unique personality.


Spokane Dance Company

Because you have taken the time to read this report, we would like to offer you a solution to these seven mistakes.    Come and experience Salsa lessons that will make sense.

Here's a list of what you will learn at Spokane Dance Company:

  1. The Basic Step (This is the single most important step you'll learn so that you can build the foundation you need)
  2. The Basic Step w/ Your Partner (As you'll see, it's different when done with a partner)

  3. The Side Basic (This step helps you with balance and styling so that you always look good no matter what you're doing)

  4. The Back Step

  5. The Cuban Step (This step helps with managing your floor space so that you are respected and admired no matter where you dance)

  6. Cross Body Lead - Ladies

  7. Cross Body Lead - Men (The Cross Body Lead is EXTREMELY important and is a move that you will use constantly.)

Plus, you will:

    Learn how to begin developing your style so that you set yourself apart from the rest of the salsa dancing crowd and become a truly unique dancer  (no one should like like a "cookie cutter" version of other dancers.

    Discover what the "clave" is in salsa music, how to find it, and why it's so important. This one alone gives you an advantage most students don't even get.

    Discover the 2 most important steps that will skyrocket your partnerwork so that you make yourself and your partner look good...even if you've never danced with them before

    Learn how to master foot-placement and become more aware of floor space. Allowing you to become known as a true expert because no one likes a dancer that's intruding in everybody's floor space.

    Learn what Timing is and why it's so important. This will allow you to quickly learn new moves, and master new routines so fast you'll become like a well-oiled Ferrari letting you quickly add routines and moves each and every single time you go out

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