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In the words of our students:


                          "You can walk in as a small town farm girl and leave as a passionate ballroom dancer."

My name is Mandy.  I didnít realize when I walked into Spokane Dance Company that it would play such a tremendous role in the story of my life. Iím a farm girl at heart. Before coming here, I never owned a dress or a pair of high heels. Iíve always been passionate about music, and I came to Spokane Dance to find an outlet; one that could release the beauty of music with the visual fluidity of movement.

The day I walked in, I felt welcome. It was not during business hours, but I was greeted warmly by Mr Gee who later became my primary instructor. I soon met the family of ďregularsĒ. These are people who love dance... who live to dance. You donít have to be around long to know who they are.

Before long I was hooked. I attended every class and every social dance. I danced in my kitchen, sometimes at work (when no one was watching), anywhere I could find a good floor. I am a hopeless dance addict.

Iíve learned that dance is a process and is hard work, but it is a labor of love. Through dance, Iíve learned so much more than "steps."  Yes, Iíve learned footwork and technique, but Iíve also learned partnership, dedication, endurance, patience, connection, and respect. Iíve grown as a person through dance. Iíve grown in the relationships in my life. The connection you derive from dance is unlike anything you will ever experience in your lifetime. 

Iíve danced at all the studios in Spokane. Spokane Dance Company offers the most solid "group class" structure that you can find. They incorporate technique as well as footwork. They offer the widest varieties of dance. They show you how all steps in all dances are all related and cross over. They provide a friendly atmosphere where you can be yourself and have fun, but they can challenge and motivate you to go as far as you are willing and able to go. You can walk in as a small town farm girl and leave as a passionate ballroom dancer. Spokane Dance Company was, and is, my home away from home.

Iím now leaving Spokane and headed to Seattle to pursue competitive ballroom dancing. This is the direction and the story of my life from here on out. I didnít know that walking into the ballroom that day would change my life. I am ever thankful and would not hesitate to tell anyone that my dancing was rooted from Spokane Dance Company.

Thank you so much for everything! I will miss you all!

Much Love,
Mandy Moore  
- Seattle, Washington

"Spokane Dance gave me a confindence I never knew I had"

"Learning my first dance steps from teachers at Spokane Dance gave me a confindence I never knew I had.  I've since moved away from Spokane and taken dance lessons from people across the country, and I can say that the teachers at Spokane Dance Company are definately some of the best in the country.  I now come back to Spokane with my wife, and Spokane Dance Company helps us grow together even further in the dances that we love, as well as easily teach us new dances to enjoy."

Brian Gosselin

"Nice Job Glenn and Patty"

We enjoyed watching ALL of your students last night. It is so nice to see young people enjoying the same dances that we enjoy.  They looked so wonderful!!!.  I am mesmerized watching Stacia and Sergei, they are my pride and joy and you have taught them so much. Thank you!!!!  You are doing a wonderful job as teachers and I appreciate the style, technique, diversity of dances  and environment that you both provide.  I know you are making a great difference in each of your students livesÖ forever.  Keep up the great work.

With much Appreciation,

Cindy Strauser - Spokane Washington


   "Thank you for a wonderful week!"

We have been ballroom dancing for approximately 5 years and have attended many dance camps, taken lessons with various instructors over the years, etc. We cancelled our June trip to BYU dance camp to spend a week in Spokane with Glen and Patty.....the week was so awesome that we cancelled our July trip to BYU camp we reserved, as well as a dance camp in September to return to Spokane for more training.  Our week of private instruction with Glen and Patty was the BEST instruction we've ever had.  They took us back to the basics and gave us the instruction we wish we had 5 years ago! 

Scott & Lauri McCommon  - Bozeman Montana

  "The studio has been built around one simple philosophyóbuild better dancers."

I write to express my appreciation for Spokane Dance Company.  I began dancing in 1999, and found a warm and accepting group of both teachers and students who quickly became not only excellent and patient dance partners but also a close circle of friends.  As I slowly moved from beginner to intermediate student, I found that the classroom environment, at Spokane Dance Company, was one that not only promoted learning, but learning to dance correctly.  Very soon, putting forth the effort to become a better dancer became both delightfully stimulating and intensely rewarding.  As with all worthwhile endeavors, learning to dance requires work and diligenceóbut Spokane Dance Company's team made my exhaustion something to be proud of and I routinely left the studio wearing both sweaty clothes and a smile.

Spokane Dance Company is something of a rarity in the dance community.  The studio has been built around one simple philosophyóbuild better dancers.  It is not, as many others are,  motivated primarily by financial gain, status in the community, or any other distractions that would take away from improving the quality of dance, not only in the Spokane area but throughout the West Coast.  By devoting everything to sharing the love of dance, Spokane Dance Company has created a blossoming dance community that rivals those in much larger cities.  

I remain grateful that my dancing career began with Spokane Dance Company.  In all of my travels, I still have not found a more energetic and caring group of dancers and teachers throughout the United States and the world.  I have extremely fond memories of being part of a group that in many ways became like a family.  I was, and still am, very proud to be part that community.

John W. Heck - Washington, D.C.

"The very best dance studio on the west coast."

LeeAnn and I have been transferred to the beautiful island of Oahu.  We hope Spokane Dance Company continues to grow and we wish you very much success and above all, "mucho amor y carino" (much love and admiration).  The only sad part about our move to Hawaii is that LeeAnn and I will not be able to get back to training at the very best dance studio on the west coast.

David and LeeAnn Bonilla - Oahu, Hawaii

"I was received with smiles"

Upon my departure from Spokane, I'd like to express my appreciation to the staff members of the Spokane Dance Company.  I was received with smiles and friendly conversation when I first investigated the Studio and warm welcomes every time I returned.  You made me feel accepted and comfortable each time I visited for my dance lessons and for me that was a very important aspect of my dance experience.

The quality of the people at SDC cannot be understated.  I've made many wonderful friendships .  I wish I could have found SDC much earlier during my time in Spokane, but I certainly enjoyed the time I had.  I especially want to thank my teacher for all her patience and encouragement.  She is a skilled and sensitive instructor as well as a wonderful person.  I wish her well in whatever endeavors she follows.

Russ Foreman

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