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JumpStart Program

When we learn to read we begin by learning to recognize the letters and sounds of the alpahbet.  Soon we can combine the letters to make words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters and entire books.  When we get a new book, we can read it easily because we have started with a clear understanding of the letters on the page.

Jumpstart is the "alphabet of dance" and teaches the student everything they need to know in order to understand each new dance the student begins to study.  This program speeds up the method of learning by approximately 30%.  Have you ever heard the saying "Time is money?"  This program saves the student a great deal of both time and money.  So whether you are a new student, or a student who has been studying dance for years, start by learning the alphabet and make learning much easier.  Click here to begin.

Discovery Program

The Discovery Program Is designed to introduce you to the different dances.  This program allows the student to discover the different dances, the different methods of learning to dance and our teaching methods.  At the same time we discover how fast the student learns, how long they retain the material and what the student's goals are.  At the end of this program, the student and teacher have a clear and concise "plan" as to what the student's goals are and how to reach those goals.  

Medals Preparation

The Pre Bronze Program develops the most important dances you plan to use immediately at a basic level. Emphasis is placed on three important elements of dancing; (1) foot position (2) rhythm and timing (3) leading or following with enough variety to keep your learning experience interesting.

Associate Bronze Program

The associate Bronze Program will help you acquire movement around the floor while expanding your variety, technique and footwork. Associate Bronze dancers also begin to develop portrayal of a dance's characteristics in the form of styling. This dance program is very popular with those wanting to get on the dance floor quickly.

Full Bronze Program

Full Bronze is the complete social dance program taught by Spokane Dance Company. It is designed to develop timing and techniques in all Social Dances selected by the student. The styling will make you look and feel comfortable on the dance floor and strengthen your lead or follow skills regardless of your partner, the music being played or the type of dance floor. Bronze dancers have all the confidence anyone would need on the floor because they have reached the "fun point" in dancing. Dancing techniques at this level will be yours to keep as you'll never forget the elements of each dance.

Silver Program

Silver is the dance standard with a high degree of styling. More elaborate movements insure the Silver dancer will stand out on any dance floor. Continuity of movements makes a couple glide across the dance floor with many natural directional changes. Styling, technique, balance and control take on an entirely new meaning. This is the beginning of the more professional standard used mainly on the ballroom floor.

Gold Program

Our Gold standard is strictly for the hobby dancer interested in performances, exhibitions or competitions. Its intricate patterns are only to be used when both partners are proficient. Choreography, styling, technique and showmanship are necessities in this standard. This material is generally not used on a crowded floor. There is a lot of work involved in this program, but you will truly be regarded as an outstanding dancer, able to excel in any dance.

Miss Patty's Kids

**Youth Dance Program**

Click here to visit Miss Patty's Kids  and Teens Page for information on this new and outstanding ballroom dancing program for kids and teens.

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