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There are three major types of dance lessons.


Spokane Dance Company is the only studio in Spokane that uses a unique professionally "planned" method of teaching.  This "plan" guarantees that the student's training is based upon a plan and not just a "hit and miss" type of training that often occurs with "independant" dance teachers.  Our instructors sit down with you and help you set your dance goals.  Once you have set your goals, our instructors and our supervisors create a training program consisting of a combination of group sessions, private sessions and practice sessions to help you reach your goals in record time.  With this type of training, a student usually reaches their goals years before a student taking from an independent instructor.  Spokane Dance Company's lessons are far superior to any other lessons in available in Spokane.  If a student just wants someone to take their money and tell them they are good, there are teachers available who will be happy to do that.  But if a student really wants to LEARN to dance, then Spokane Dance Company is the only logical choice.  We encourage each student to try all the teachers available and then make a choice.  We are sure you will choose Spokane Dance Company.

Students often ask what type of lessons we would recommend.  If you assume that all lessons accomplish the same goals, then it would be reasonable to wonder which type of lesson you should take.  However,  much like the human body requires air, food and water to continue its existance, so too, the dance student needs three different types of training to learn to dance.  Each type of lesson focuses on a different training method and produces a different result.  Below each type of lesson is explained in detail.


Group Sessions


Group sessions are 40 minutes in length and are designed to introduce the student to the dance patterns (sequence of steps).  One could learn these patterns in private lessons, but it is an extremely expensive method of learning the patterns.  Since the group lesson doesn't focus on techniques of dance, much more can be accomplished in a shorter period of time.   And as we all know... time = money.  Dont worry about getting it perfect, just get the basic idea.  Private lessons are for getting it perfect.

Group classes are also a wonderful opportunity for you to meet other people who share your enthusiasm for dancing! Our instructors rotate partners often, so you can practice with a variety of people.

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Private Sessions


After attending a few group sessions, the student should take a private session to work on the techniques that make the pattern appear effortless and graceful.  You have probably seen many dancers who know hundreds of steps, but they cant really dance any of them well?  This is the student who thinks they can learn everything they need to know in a class.  It is like trying to survive with no food or water... just air.  Your instructor can help you with the "how" to dance in a private session and you will never look like the student who only takes group sessions.



Social Practice Dances


In a group session, all the students on the floor are doing the same step at the same time and in the same direction.  In a private session, the student is the only one on the floor.  Neither of these conditions are like being on the dance floor in a live situation.  On a real live dance floor, everyone is doing different patterns at the same time  Everyone is on different beats and no one is going the same direction as you are. Our practice sessions are designed to give you "combat practice" that will prepare you for the real world of dance.  PLUS they are FUN!

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