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5 Different Ways To Start:

#1 - I Just want to try it!


Many people want to dance, but have a false belief that it is difficult to dance or that they have some problem that keeps them from learning to dance.  The truth is, anyone can learn to dance. But we understand that not everyone is ready to just jump out on the dance floor.   So we are willing to prove to you that we can make it easy and fun at the same time.  

There is no better proof than to show you what we can do.  We are so sure you will like our training, that we will let you take a free lesson as a way to get to know our studio and our staff.  Obviously if we just let anyone and everyone come to class for free we wouldn't be able to get everyone in the door.  So we would like you to create a profile on our online class scheduling system.  Then  our manager will contact you by phone or email to arrange your class time.

Sometimes our manager even teaches the free class.  If this happens to you, we promise to not charge you for the humor and we hope you don't charge us for his antics in class.  (yeah it is a fun class.)



#2 - A bit intimidated....?

Coming Soon on DVD!

We have just videotaped our entire jumpstart program.  It will soon be available on DVD, so you can review this material as many times as you need to.  This way you have the video to constantly refer to.

Email us to obtain your copy.  Only $40.00

Your first class at Spokane Dance Company is our internationally acclaimed "Jumpstart" class.  This class was designed after watching students struggle to learn to dance for many years.  Things that should have been easy to learn, seemed to escape beginning students.  Our Manager began to study why students were struggling, and he realized that something very important was missing.  

The easiest way to explain Jumpstart, is to compare learning to dance, with learning to read.  When learning to read, a student begins by learning the letters of the alphabet.  Each letter is assigned a sound and the student must learn those sounds before he/she can move on to more complex combinations.  When the student has mastered the letters, their sounds, and how to combine them into words, it is a quick and easy jump to reading.   Soon the student is reading sentences, paragraphs, chapters and whole books.

Dancing can be learned the same way.  In our Jumpstart class, we start with the basic elements of dancing.  Like learning the letters, we break things down to individual pieces of dance.  These are easily mastered by a new student.  After these pieces of dance have been learned, we begin to help the student learn how to combine them into steps.  From steps the student learns to add rhythms and techniques to the steps, and before the student knows it.. they are DANCING!

Get your DVD and study in the comfort of your living room.


#3 - A little more...

Single:  $140.00

Couple $140.00*

SAVE 50%

Save 60%

For those who are willing to venture a little past the first class, this program will help you discover exactly what dances you want to learn.  The Beginners' special #1 consists of four (half hour) private lessons and unlimited (45 minute) group classes of your choice during your two week program.

We assign a teacher to guide you through your dance discovery.   This teacher will be with you on each of your private lessons and will use those lessons to introduce you to many of the dances we teach.  Your teacher will also recommend group classes for you to try.  You get to try each dance and then discover how you feel about each one.  You also discover what private lessons are like, and what group lessons are like.  At the same time, we are discovering what methods of instruction work best with you (everyone learns different), and what individual needs you might have that we can help you with.

At the end of this Special, your teacher will have created a plan from what you tell him/her.  All that is needed after that is for you to approve the plan, and you on your way to learning exactly what you WANT to learn.  

Please note: all group and private lessons need to be taken within a 2 week period.

REGISTER NOW.  Click the paypal button and pay for class.  After you complete the checkout, you will be asked to create a user account and register for your first private lesson.  We will take it from there.


#4 - The Social Club Option...


Single:  $200.00

Couple $260.00*



For those who want a little more time to get comfortable and a little more training than the above special, we offer our Social Club Beginner's Start.  With this program, you get to take a little more time and you get LOTS of "material" classes.  Our goal is to get you dancing and feeling comfortable as fast as possible.  Spokane Dance Company has classes on weeknights.  You can take every class on the calendar that is listed as a "Just for Fun" Class.  

Tuition includes 3 (40 minute) development lessons (private) and 4 weeks of unlimited "social" material (group) classes. Jump-start your dance education and sign-up today!

Please note: privates and groups need to be taken within a 1 month period.

REGISTER NOW.  Click the paypal button and pay for class.  After you complete the checkout, you will be asked to create a user account and register for the class of your choice.


#5 - The Private Option...

Single:  $500.00

Couple $500.00*



Some people are intimidated by attending group classes.  We understand!   Let us introduce you to dancing with 10 private lessons.  We will start with any dance you want and then show you how to convert these steps into several other dances.  This also works for couples who don't want to change partners in group classes.  There are many ways to learn to dance.  We try to make everyone comfortable in a learning environment that is not intimidating or threatening in any way.

After taking 10 private lessons you should have the confidence and be comfortable enough to attend group lessons.  But if you aren't, or if you choose to continue in private training only, that is ok... we will help you plan out your dance training using private lessons only.  

Please note: All private lessons need to be taken within a 10 week period.

REGISTER NOW.  Click the paypal button and pay for class.  After you complete the checkout, you will be asked to create a user account.  After you have created your user account, click the "book private" button and select a teacher.  (We reserve the right to substitute another teacher.)


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