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How do I get started?

    Getting started is easy.  Your first class should be our nationally acclaimed "jump start" class.  When you want to learn to read, it is a good idea to start with learning the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes.  "Jump start" is like the alphabet of dance.  Taking this class will accellerate your dance training by approximately 30%.    This class is offered every Monday evening at 6pm (2 hours) and every Friday evening at 6pm (2 hours).  To find out more about about Jumpstart and/or to register, click here:  Jumpstart information


Do I need a Partner?

    No. We teach both singles and couples. If you join us as a single student, your instructor will take the place as your partner for your private lessons. Our group and practice lessons will provide plenty of opportunity for the single student to meet other students with the same interests and goals.

What is a Private Lesson?

    Private lessons consist of one student or a couple working with one instructor. These lessons provide the most benefit and ease for learning to dance since all material is catered to the individuals learning ability and desire. A couple may be accompanied by one or two instructors depending on the needs of the students.

What is a group lesson?

    A group lesson consists of several students learning from one instructor. Students concentrate primarily on the basic steps and not on technique. Our group lessons cover a wide level of dancing providing all levels of students with the opportunity to join our classes. View the calendar to check out the current month's schedule.

Can I really learn to dance?

    Yes. Dancing is as easy as walking once you are taught how by a Spokane Dance Company instructor. We teach simple, basic elements, from which the steps are derived. Thousands of people have been successfully trained by our instructors.  There is no age limit. Our oldest students are over 80. The youngest are usually 5 to 8 years old.  Our students are from many ages and groups.  We have singles, couples, married, men, women, children,  young, middle age, and senior citizens.   Where ever you fit in, you will find others to connect with.


How do I learn to dance?

    Dancing becomes easy and fun the moment you begin lessons with one of our friendly Spokane Dance Company professionals.   There is no need to bring a partner to learn and enjoy dancing, although you are certainly welcome to bring a partner if you wish.  We start by giving you really easy steps to learn.  We take the time to teach you how to do it correctly.  Then as you are ready, we will add more exciting patterns and more intricate steps to your dancing.


How long will it take?

    The length of your course will depend on how many dances you want to learn and how proficient you wish to become in each dance.  However, you will be able to dance after your first lesson.


How should I dress for my lesson?

    Wear something comfortable that won't inhibit your movements (no jeans).  Of course, comfortable shoes are recommended! We suggest a pair of leather-soled shoes, no sneakers or rubber-soled shoes. For the ladies we suggest a low heel shoe with a back.

How much do lessons cost?

    Tuition varies, depending on a number of factors e.g., how proficient you want to be, what dances you want to learn, and the number of days and weeks in your dance schedule, etc. Remember - start with "JUMP START."  After that class, your instructor and our receptionist will help you schedule your next lessons.  Any of our qualified instructors can and will help you find the correct program for you and will be able to answer any questions, so you will have the knowledge to make an informed choice.


Do the fee have to be paid in advance?

    Tuition is generally paid in advance, especially for Introduction Programs. However, financing and other arrangements are also available. Since these are determined on a case by case basis, please ask in person, and we will be glad to give you all the details.


Will I learn the latest steps?

    You can learn the very latest steps in any social dance - Salsa, Swing, Hustle, Samba, Merengue, Fox Trot, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Mambo, Waltz, Tango, and others.  Our instructors update their training every week.  Dance changes often and Spokane Dance Company maintains current connections with many world class instructors including, Benji Schwimmer (winner of "So You Think You Can Dance"), Lacey Schwimmer (Dancing with the Stars) and their father Buddy Schwimmer (our primary coach), Enio Cordoba ("Dance with Me" choreographer and dancer),  and many more.


After I learn to dance, will I still have to return to learn the newest steps?

    After getting a good foundation, you will be able to analyze the new steps and pick them up yourself without difficulty.  However, many students return or continue because they enjoy their lessons and the dancing friends they've acquired.  Of course, continued training means continued advancement.


When can I take lessons?

    You can take your lessons any time you wish.  Our studio is open Monday - Thursday  from 6:pm -9pm., Friday from 6:00 - midnight and Saturday from 10am - noon.


Will I have a good teacher?

    Yes. All Spokane Dance Company teachers must complete an arduous training regimen. In addition, they are required to continually train as long as they are employed by SDC.  This insures you of high quality instructors.   They are experienced on the dance floor and knowledgeable in all techniques to help you master today’s popular dances. Rest assured the teachers selected for you are the best in Spokane.  They are always very highly complimented by students and teachers from all the large cities as being very highly qualified instructors.  Your teachers will be selected to best suit your particlar needs and style of learning.


What benefits will I get from dancing?

    Dancing is our first line of social activity. Good dancing is a lifetime investment in fun, poise, confidence, improved personality, and new friends. Beyond these, dancing is a superb physical conditioner - providing fun without working at it.  It opens up a wonderful new world of togetherness and a thriving year-round social calendar! For a more specific list of benefits, click here:  Benefits of Dance.


What kind of dance can we do for our wedding?

    Your first dance together as husband and wife should suit your personality as a couple and the tone you want to set for your wedding reception. For traditionalists and romantics, an elegant waltz or foxtrot might be the dance for you. If you're unconventional, an upbeat swing or a sexy tango will let you show your guests just what you're all about. Whatever your style, we can help you select the right music (if you haven't chosen a song already) and the right dance

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