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Miss Patty's Teens & Kids


Introducing a Music and Dance Program for Children Ages 3-18 Years Old


Spokane Dance Company is Spokane's only professional social dance studio.  Athough social dance has been mostly for adults, Miss Patty is  proud to introduce Miss Patty’s  Teens & Kids, a new and innovative music and dance program for children and teenagers. You will be pleased with the ease of progress and enjoyment your child will experience through qualified and enthusiastic instruction.  Miss Patty’s Teens & Kids is a fun and easy introduction to music and dance.

The Kids' program teaches rhythm and timing with jazz, tap, ballet and creative movement. Students will be learning basic dance skills through dance movement, dance and music games, followed by the introduction of popular social dances. Students, 5 years of age and older, begin to learn the basics of Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Swing, Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha, Hustle, and more.   We have never had a child come to this class and NOT want to come back for more.  In fact, most don't want to leave!

Pre teens begin their training with social dancing.  They learn how to dance the basics of fun and easy dances along with learning etiquette, manners, and respect for partners, teachers and others on the dance floor.  As their skills develop they learn more challenging step patterns giving them a good self esteem and and a sense of accomplishment. Teenagers begin at the same place and sometimes go on to enter ballroom dance competitions or become young performers of their art.


Miss Patty’s Teens & Kids goal is to teach children and teens dance basics, music and rhythm early on in life, so that they may enjoy and seek out dancing for the rest of their lives. Miss Patty’s Teens & Kids is an ongoing program that allows students to earn certificates recognizing achievement in dance through a Medalist System modeled after proven teaching methods. The Medalist System of Bronze, Silver and Gold, helps students set and achieve goals, which gives students a sense of accomplishment and confidence as they achieve each level. This is similar to earning different color belts in Karate

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Classes may combined into wider age groups to meet minimum student requirements  Girls should try to bring a male partner.  Boys do not need a partner.  We can easily find girls to match with boys.

Place: Miss Patty's Teens & Kids Classes are held at 902 West Indiana.

Tuition: Daily Tuition is $15 per class.  Monthly tuition is *$40.00 per student or *$50 for a male and female partnership.   Tuitions are due on or before the first of each month.

*monthly tuition is applied only on "AUTOPAY" arrangements.


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