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Every new student who calls our studio and wants to begin dance training, feels like a "clutz" or like they are "hopeless."  Nothing could be further from the truth.  These students just need a little confidence.  Confidence comes from training, and we are here to give you that training and the confidence to walk into any room where music is playing and be the life of the party.  We have created an easy beginning class to help you get going.  This class is called "JUMPSTART."   more info
If you are getting married soon and you dont want to embarrass yourself, and you want help with your first dance, we can help.  We can either choreograph your wedding dance, or just listen to your song, and teach you the dance that goes to that song.  In either case, years from now when you are sitting on the couch with the love of your life, you will smile and remember how easy it was to learn to dance at Spokane Dance Company.  more info.
Tired of going to social functions and nightclubs with the fear that someone might ask you to dance?  Do you feel like you are missing out on all the fun?   You ARE!  Anything can be accomplished with a little training.  Our students walk into social events and nightclubs, here in spokane and where ever they travel, and quickly command the attention of those in the room.  Join the fun.  Let us help you get started today.  more info
Men, does your sweetheart want you to learn to dance?  Are they passionate about wanting to dance, yet the very idea strikes terror in your heart?  At Spokane Dance Company, there are male teachers who remember what it was like.  Those men pass that reality on to the female teachers in the studio.  ALL of our teachers will gently guide you past your fears and help you to develop a real love of social dance.  Then you can hold your sweetheart in your arms and enjoy the element of respectable, public intimacy.  more info.
Ladies are you looking for a new spin on those exercise classes?  Try dancing!   Dance classes work all the major muscle groups of the body.  You can get all the excercise you get in the gym and have more fun while doing it.  The side benefits are enormous.  In this class, you will not only become more physically fit, but you will build social friendships with both men and women, that will last a lifetime.  Come and burn some calories, and enjoy yourself at the same time.   more info
If you are looking for a way to give someone the Gift of Dance, we have gift certificates available online.  You can select from many different gift certifcates to give someone the perfect gift for them.  more info
Ballroom dancing teaches children many of the social graces they will need later in life.  Every child  and teenager in our Junior Ballroom Program learns manners, etiquette, teamwork, how to treat the opposite gender with respect, PLUS, learning how to dance.  Our inovative junior Ballroom program is the perfect place for you to introduce your children and teens to Ballroom Dancing.  more info.

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